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Blueridge BG-140
Slope-shoulder dreadnaught, all solid Sitka spruce and Mahogany
List Price: $1,095.00
Price: $1,295.00
Blueridge BR-2060
Lonesome Pine Fiddlers Commemorative guitar
Price: $2,500.00

Blueridge BR-341
Parlour guitar, all solid Spruce and Mahogany
List Price: $1,295.00
Price: $1,495.00
Blueridge BR-371 with pearl inlay
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Blueridge Parlour with pearl inlays. Includes case.
Price: $1,995.00

Blueridge BR-40
Contemporary Series Dreadnaught, solid Sitka Spruce top...on sale for a wonderful price. Save $200.&...
Price: $695.00
Blueridge BR-42
 If you’re looking for the biggest tone in the smallest package—and all at the lowe...
Price: $695.00

Blueridge BR-43CE10
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Contemporary Series 000 with cutaway and pick-up (the latest Fishman Aero with mic blend)
Price: $895.00
Oakridge open back banjo
 A great way to start playing banjo, the Good Times inspired Cal II from Oakridge. All you need...
Price: $399.00

Regal Dobro Bass
A versatile and distinctive acoustic/electric resonator bass
List Price: $995.00
Price: $895.00