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Regal Dobro Bass
A versatile and distinctive acoustic/electric resonator bass
List Price: $995.00
Price: $895.00
Regal RC-2
Regal Duolian round-neck Dobro
Price: $895.00

Regal RC-51
Regal Tricone Style 1 Dobro
List Price: $995.00
Price: $1,095.00
Regal RD-40VQ
Regal Round-neck Vintage Sunburst dobro - please call to check availability
List Price: $895.00
Price: $795.00

Regal RD-40VS
Regal Square-neck Dobro: great value and great sound
Price: $795.00
Regal RD-52
Regal Square-neck Black Lightning Dobro with Quarterman Cone
Price: $1,195.00

Regal RD-64
The latest Regal squareneck a professional instrument with a contemporary sound.
Price: $1,795.00
Regal Resonator RC-43
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A distinctive instrument with vintage vibe. You don't have to get in a time machine to find that ex...
Price: $1,795.00

Regal Resonator RC3
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A distinctive instrument with vintage vibe. Making history once again, the Regal RC-3 Duolian has th...
Price: $895.00
Regal Slot head resonator
Regal’s brand-new RC-55 combines the best features of several Vintage Classics into a never-b...
Price: $1,195.00